We are two people on a journey to find our true selves and help others understand love and their purpose in life. We believe that the world needs a different perspective on life, one that incorporates spiritual wisdom, to redefine our relationship with nature and with each other, but one that transcends the differences of religions. 

I, Christian, am a Swiss businessman who has had a lifelong romance with Indian spirituality ever since I was introduced to an Indian Swami at a young age. When I turned 20, I went to the Swami's cottage in the mountains of South India and spent one month in silence with him every year for15 years. My passion is helping people and hopefully discovering clean and affordable energy for the future.

I, Julianne, am a publisher born in Korea, raised in the United States and now living in Switzerland. I was formerly a TV news anchorwoman and a presidential spokesperson in Korea. My publication series ARS VITAE explores what it means to live well in an art book-like form. Love, wisdom and the beauty of life are what I pursue on my path. I would like to know what the great sages knew about the meaning of our existence and believe that meditation offers the gateway to this wisdom.

Why did we call our project "Parables & Meditation"? We once had a conversation about the medium through which spiritual message gets delivered. Christian immediately replied, "in parables and meditation". And it seemed right. The great sages of the past left many wonderful stories that hold pearls of wisdom as well as specific practices for us to follow, meditation being one of the important. So there it is. This is the compilation of our parables and meditation.