Human Flourishing

A Journey

October, 2020 - June, 2021
The 4th Spirituality & Science Forum

hosted by
Krueger & Lee    ll   Fetzer Institute

in collaboration with

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What does it mean to flourish in life?
What are the elements that enable our lives to flourish despite the ups and downs and, at times, incomprehensible and heart-breaking circumstances that life throws in our way? 

This is the question we asked ourselves as we entered the second year of the pandemic. As we cautiously approach the light at the end of the tunnel, we wanted this year’s forum to be the safe space where we share the losses, fear, frustration, and the small and large lessons from the days of the pandemic and explore the ways in which we can take the next step forward. We would like to talk about how to integrate all of the learnings into our lives so that we can flourish with a renewed sense of connection and wisdom. 

With “Human Flourishing” as our theme, we will be discussing the different aspects of life well-lived with world-renowned scientists. As always, we will hold the space for deep, intimate conversations; and we will have guided practices to learn practical tools for self-care. 

But we are also introducing a new format this year. Instead of the sessions taking place over a few short days, we’ve decided to space out our gatherings over eight months - a longer journey with more time and space deliberately built into the format. The journey will be a combination of seven online sessions culminating in a retreat in Switzerland where we will connect in person.

We would like to take the time to let the thoughts and emotions that we have stored in our mind and body rise to the surface. We would like to give ourselves the gift of our attention so that, with gentle care, we can process all that we have gone through and embody the new insights into our lives. That is why, along with the research information on flourishing, we will also be devoting extra time to learn self-care practices and connect to each other’s stories. In Switzerland, at a home setting surrounded by nature, we will reflect on our journey together and share the experience of "feeling at home" in body, mind and spirit.

We would like to honor all of our human experiences, so that despite all, we can still hope, love and flourish. 

We hope you will join us on this journey.