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Being Love
April - September, 2023


In 2023, we will be exploring Love. 

Love is present all around us in many different forms. But we will be focusing on Compassionate Love, or what is also known as Neighborly Love in other spiritual traditions. The ability to expand love beyond oneself or one's immediate circle of loved ones is at the core of love and lies at the foundation of all forms of love.

This year's journey will include monthly online sessions ending in a 5-night 6-day in-person gathering as we learn from the experts about what enables Compassionate Love, as well as why it is sometimes difficult, and how love can be practiced in today's world to overcome the deep divisions and gaps.


Most spiritual traditions speak of love and claim that love is all around. But is it? Are the different traditions and cultures speaking of the same or are there nuanced differences? This journey will involve exercises and practices known to foster love and provide an intimate space to share our reflections as well as personal experiences of love.

Our ultimate questions will be how can we all be love?

More details will follow.

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