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We believe that the challenges we face in the world today require

fundamentally new approaches and perspectives.

In order for fundamental change to take place,

not only institutions but people's values must change.

Inner transformation is essential in achieving happiness, kindness and peace

on both the personal and systemic level.

We believe that spiritual wisdom and contemplative practices

from many different traditions around the world

have much to offer today in redefining our values

so that we can rethink our relationships

with ourselves, our communities and the environment. 

Our work is about reflecting as humans on the fundamental questions

of who we are, the meaning of life, and the nature of true happiness.

We are dedicated to providing programs and publications

to bring spiritual wisdom and contemplative practices into contemporary lifestyles.

Our aim is to make the stories, lessons and practices of various spiritual traditions

accessible for the contemporary seeker.

We do this by working mainly in two areas:

providing evidence-based information about the benefits and effects of spiritual practices

and guidance for direct transformative experiences.

Our Spirituality & Science Forum brings together leading scientists

who are doing cutting edge research

to understand why and how spiritual practices can be helpful.

Our meditation retreats are designed for the participants 

to have direct experiences for transformation

that are beyond the theoretical understanding.

Why do we call our work "parables and meditation"?

We are following the examples of ancient sages

who attained the ultimate wisdom of life,

and then passed it on through parables and spiritual practices.

Our programs are not religious and are open to everyone.

We welcome all who are on the journey of seeking. 

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