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The Science of Mindfulness & Compassion

New Delhi, April 6-8, 2019


The Science of Mindfulness & Compassion


A Special Conversation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama


April 6 Afternoon - April 8 Evening, 2019

New Delhi, India



Hosted by

Krueger & Lee  l John Templeton Foundation  l The Sager Family Foundation


Planning Committee

Christian Krueger, Julianne Lee, Christopher Levenick, Lobsang Negi, Jim Pitofsky, Bobby Sager



Due to limited space, you will be asked to describe your interest in attending this event in a brief questionnaire.  We will be in touch with you to let you know if we can reserve a seat for you. Thank you.




Event Description


This is a 2.5-day exploration of mindfulness and compassion and their significance in today’s world. In leading institutions around the world, cutting edge research in the fields of mindfulness and compassion is demonstrating how crucial these practices are for our times. By sharing the latest scientific findings, we hope to give our participants evidence-based information about the value of mindfulness and compassion so that they can incorporate these perspectives into their lives. Along with the lectures by experts, participants will also experience the practice of mindfulness and compassion meditation led by meditation masters.


There will also be a special conversation session with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His Holiness has spent the last four decades collaborating with scientists, educators, psychologists, health professionals, economists and business leaders around the question of how universal human values—like compassion— contribute to individual and societal flourishing.




The objective of this forum is to reflect on what it means to be human and the intrinsic qualities that define our humanity. The world is increasingly being divided by race, religion, economic status and ideologies, but many existing perspectives and systems are no longer viable to deal with the challenges at hand. Extreme ideological polarization, looming insecurity, and a growing mental health crisis are forcing us to seek new ways to address these issues. Basic human values that are deemed important by all religious traditions and that are also compatible with secular viewpoints—like compassion—are needed to create a common ground. Increasingly there is a recognition of how these values—and the role they play in our social and emotional intelligence—help us to co-exist with others, and our environment, in a peaceful, sustainable way.  




It is our belief that participants will be inspired to transformative action. When mindfulness and compassion are incorporated into an individual's life, they have a new lens through which to view life, politics and policy. Participants will acquire tools that can be used in their daily life to enhance personal well-being and resiliency, and to foster a more inclusive and accurate understanding of others.  


This is not a religious event and does not seek to promote the specific beliefs of any one particular viewpoint; it is intended to examine how the emerging insights from contemplative science point to the benefits of mindfulness and compassion. It will be accessible and of interest to anyone wishing to explore the role of compassion on the individual, social and global levels.



How to Participate


Please email us if you are interested in attending the forum and would like more information. Because of the limited number of participants that we can invite, we will be sending you a short questionnaire to understand your interest and how this forum is relevant to you. There is also a participation fee to reserve your place. We will be in touch with you after reviewing your application.

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