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Silent Meditation February 11 - March 10, 2021

Ceramic Candle Holder

Starting the lunar new year with a silent 28-day meditation for one complete cycle of the moon.


  • Dates: February 11 - March 10 for 28 days

  • Time: every day at 10pm CET

  • Duration: 10:00 - 10:30pm for 30 minutes

  • How: login to the shared zoom link, sit in silence in meditation/prayer of your choice, log out at the agreed time

  • Note Bene: 

    • Please enter the meditation in silence and leave in silence as if you were in a sacred monastery

    • please point the camera to an object/view of your choice so that we will not be distracted during the meditation

  • Guided Meditation: although most of the sessions will be in silence, you are welcome to guide one of the sessions if and when the energy calls for it.

Day 1 & Day 28

  • Hello: February 11 / 09:30 - 10:30pm CET

    • We will meet on zoom to say hello, catch up, review the guidelines of the retreat, set our intentions for the following 28 days of the retreat, and do the first session of the silent meditation together.

  • Good-bye: March 10 / 09:30 - 10:30pm CET

    • This will be our last session of meditation together. We will then break our silence to share our experiences and impressions from the retreat. 

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