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Parables & Meditation Retreat October 4-7, 2017


Parables & Meditation is a 3-day, multi-faith retreat of sharing of stories and practices in a private, family-style setting. The retreat takes place on a quiet banana plantation on the island of Tenerife, one of the seven Canary Islands in Spain. 

The unique multi-faith format of the retreat invites each and every one of the participants to be both teacher and participant. Everyone is asked to share either a parable (a story of being on a spiritual journey) or his own spiritual practice. Each person will guide as well as learn from each other. The aim of the Parables & Meditation Retreat is to connect to the common humanity in all of us that transcends the differences in individual experiences and spiritual traditions. We encourage deep and respectful listening and participation from a perspective of learning and understanding.


Ample time is built into the program to dive into deep conversations but also to be in solitude, to reflect and relax. All participants will break bread together around a large wooden dining table as a family of seekers.


Everything shared during the Parables & Meditation Retreat is confidential unless permission is given by the participants to share. 



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