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From Awakening to Transformation

October 12 - 21, 2020

An Online Retreat Hosted by

Krueger & Lee l Synergos

The corona virus situation has made us recognize ever more deeply the fragility of life and the need for humility in our relationship with nature. It is a sober reminder to "wake up" and to reflect on the intentions and actions that have given rise to the natural and man-made crises that we are facing today and to think about the value transformations that we need to go through as humanity.

This year, Spirituality & Science Forum will explore the theme “From Awakening to Transformation” in a 4-part virtual series. We will explore what spiritual awakening means, and the experience of transformation that a person undergoes after “waking up”.


The forum will take place over four different days, one session per day, during the weeks of October 12-21. Final dates, speakers and program will be updated as soon as they are available. The following session titles and descriptions are tentative. 


Part 1- Awakening
Waking up to a new reality or Truth is an essential part of the spiritual journey. What are the religious and non-religious accounts of the experience of waking up? What are the common traits? What are the triggers? What do they awaken to? 
Part 2- Consciousness and the Soul: A Scientific Perspective
What is awakened when we go through an awakening experience? Is it consciousness, soul, mind or the heart? Are they one and the same or different? We will look at the latest research findings on this subject.
 Part 3 - The Process of Transformation
What are the key components of a transformative journey? Do famous stories about spiritual transformations share common traits?

Part 4 – With A Llittle Help
Near death experiences, psychedelics, different types of healing, and nowadays, certain advances in technology claim to induce or enhance awakening and transformative experiences. We will learn about what is available, whether they are safe, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of these various methods as compared with the traditional contemplative practices. 

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